1. Sail on STS Young Endeavour and record your experience on a camera. You won’t be able to use your phone during a voyage, so you will need to bring a suitable device on board.
2. When you return home create a video on your personal computer.
3. You won’t always be able to use your camera when you’re sailing, but there’ll be plenty of times when you can. Just take direction from the staff crew.
4. Remember not to use music that is subject to copyright, without first seeking the owner’s permission (a ‘licence’)! You can make your own soundtrack or check out our suggestions of where to find music for free. Make sure to check if you need to credit the composer and include this information when you submit your video. The composer’s credit in your video should include their name and web link.
5. When you’re happy with your video, email for a link to our Dropbox so you can upload it to us.
6. Make sure you’ve read the competition Terms and Conditions.
7. Young Endeavour Youth Scheme will post it to our YouTube channel for everyone to see. You’ll get a video credit.
8. The video with the most ‘likes’ on YouTube when the competition closes at 11.59pm on 30 June 2019 AEST will win the prize.
9. You don’t need to have sailed during the competition timeframe. You just need to submit a video from your time on board.

PRIZE PACK – valued up to $1,000
New GoPro 7
GoPro accessories
Young Endeavour Hoodie
Young Endeavour Glass Keep Cup

Royalty free music

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96 Days
16 Hours
31 Minutes
Sail, film, compose, win!