There never seems to be a dull moment on a tall ship.

Yesterday afternoon was spent largely under motor in light winds but the time was put to good use with a communications game, again in preparation for the culminating event of Command Day.
After completing demonstration tacks yesterday afternoon we sailed back to anchor in Refuge Cove.
Noon Saturday
Friday : 12 noon
12 Noon : Thursday
Well the sea breeze didn't appear yesterday (too much cloud cover) but we had a nice breeze from the east anyway.
This is Cap'n Bob back for a guest appearance so Andrew can have a well earned break after his voyages to the land of the long white cloud.
Having entered through Sydney Heads yesterday afternoon at midday, the Command Day continued and the ship sailed all the way to the anchorage in Rushcutters Bay with 30 mins of Command Day to spare, a
The ship was handed over to Captain Craig and his crew at 1400 yesterday afternoon. All sail had been handed in, so the ship was left drifting with about 100 nautical miles to run to Sydney.