Around lunchtime yesterday, winds were light from the west and I though it appropriate that we pay homage to the wind gods and summons the presence of Brother Nutsie to act as mediator.
Yesterday was not a particularly good day for sailing but it was a great day. The youth crew were tired and some were still feeling seasick having had nearly 48 hrs of bumpy seas.
Had a good days sailing yesterday with a fresh breeze except we always seemed to be going in the wrong direction. The wind seemed to know where we wanted to go and kept shifting to head us off.
Having had a good nights sleep, anchor was weighed at 1030 and the ship sailed from her anchorage yesterday morning.
We anchored off the township of Robe yesterday morning just before lunch. Robe is a pretty and quaint town with a colourful history.
Had an excellent day sailing with 'One and All' yesterday.
Big day at the office yesterday. By mid morning the clouds had burnt off and a fresh SW breeze came in that made for perfect sailing conditions.
The weekend in Adelaide provided the staff with a well-earned break and we all enjoyed what Adelaide had to offer. On Saturday evening we held a returnee reunion onboard which was very enjoyable.
Yesterday morning our guests embarked and we sailed from Outer Harbour at 1000.
The youth crew came to within a few miles of their final objective before the wind died shortly after lunch.