Having had a good night's rest we weighed anchor at 0800 this morning and commenced sailing to the NW towards Townsville. It has been another glorious sunny day.
Brother Nutzie's efforts proved worthwhile yesterday evening as a moderate SW breeze came in allowing the engines to be shut down.
Last night everybody had a go at climbing and most people made it to the top. Good effort.
24 new youth crew, all from Townsville, joined the ship at midday today. After lunch I introduced the staff to them and formally welcomed them onboard.
We have just berthed at the Mackay Marina having had another tiring night at sea with sleep regularly interupted by the requirement to tack.
Having had a well-deserved rest at anchor last night, it was up at 0630 for a spot of aerobics and some dance lessons. We weighed anchor at 0800 and motored out through Solway Passage.
Having finally completed our tacking drills yesterday evening the YC settled down into their watches overnight.
Although we remained alongside overnight the training program continued as normal through the night. Everybody managed to get aloft and nearly everybody made it to the topgallant yard.
During the day the new YC arrived on board for the first of Young Endeavour's five-day voyages. This voyage is very special for the ship and hopefully will become a major event in the ship's history.
Last night we held a concert on deck which was a lot of fun and good for a laugh.