It was a real drifter on Jervis Bay yesterday but we still managed to achieve all that we needed to.
Noon, Sunday
Noon - Saturday
Conditions continued with light winds yesterday afternoon and more motoring so we had some fun with deck games to pass the time.
Since leaving Port Phillip the weather has been dominated by a high pressure system which means continuing light winds and has us waiting patiently for a front to force its way through from the west.
Yesterday we completed sail setting and furling and a couple of tacks on schedule before we departed Port Phillip Heads late in the evening.
Cap'n Bob here for Voyage 8 of 2000, Melbourne to Sydney.
With the wind still blowing strong all morning, we gave the ship a good clean and then had 'End of Voyage Talks'.
Under the guidance of Navigator, Tom, Young Endeavour anchored off Dromana Beach shortly after 1300 yesterday.
Around lunchtime yesterday, winds were light from the west and I though it appropriate that we pay homage to the wind gods and summons the presence of Brother Nutsie to act as mediator.