Ahoy friends...well what a day. After a leisurely overnight transit in pleasant conditions we arrived at Heron Island, anchoring just of the northern tip of Wistari Reef.
Greetings Landlubbers...YE awoke to a magnificent, if a bit fresh, Great Keppel Island morning at 0630.
Ahoy Shippers, and welcome to day 3.
Ahoy Shipmates,
Well, ladies and gents, boys and girls,
I’m writing the penultimate log of this fantastic voyage with a little moisture in my eyes, dear readers… probably just dust.
Ahoy there, shipmates… Command day has endeth and the worn out Youth Crew did needeth some chill time to wind down after a hectic, but successful, 24 hours(eth?).
So, having remained at anchor overnight, we awoke to a smashing day in the lee of Great Keppel Island. The SSE wind had picked up overnight, but we were nice and snug, dear readers.