27° 11' South
153° 22' East

Air Temp 15 degrees, humidity 88% (wet -yuk), wind 175 at 10 knots, barometer 1024 Hpa and steady. I think it is going to rain for the next few days ... :-(

Well, we made it through command day, entering Moreton Bay up near Coloundra and proceeding under motor in heavy rain to anchor at the resort of Tangalooma on Moreton Island. We had some down time and then debriefed our command day - yes, it was rough and wet (it stopped raining as soon as we got to anchor). It was tiring but we achieved all of the possible 23 tasks - cut away the building of a hamock from ropes that was big enough to hold 27 people but other than that we did all that was asked - polishing brass, arriving at the right way points, cooking, doing our morning brief, writing poems ... and then we got a chance to debrief before tucking into a barbeque dinner. And then a movie titled \\'Around Cape Horn\\' - a huge four-masted sailing vessel going around Cape Horn in 1929. I did hear some mutterings that I may have been on board. I do admit to advancing in years but probably not that much (in deferrence to the heavy rain we did allow the Youth Crew to see another tall ship movie called white squall ... people seemed to like it).

Anyhoo, we are all a bit tired so looking forward to a rest before an early start tomorrow morning.