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Current situation at 2000hrs: At anchor Hunter's Bay, Balmoral, Sydney. Wind - light and variable and it's a balmy evening.
Hey - it's great to be back online! The ship and crew have spent the last four weeks in a maintenance period in Sydney getting ready to continue the circumnavigation. We're fit and raring to go...

The Staffies for this voyage to Brisbane are: Matt - XO, Damo - Nav, Jo Williams - Swimmer, Dion - White Watch Leader, Ducky ��� Red WL (his wing is mended), Paul - Blue WL, Rick - Engineer, Woody - Cheffo. The Youth Crew seem like a confident bunch and their first climb aloft went really well. Tomorrow will be a HUGE day and in the pm we will sail from Sydney Harbour and head north. Weather forecast is good and we are 'good to go'.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis