24° 53' South
153° 5'
At sea in Hervey Bay West of Fraser Island.

Situation at 2000:

Today provided an opportunity for the Youth and Staff Crew to enjoy some rest and relaxation after the heavy weather experienced earlier in the week. The day started off with XO Nathan leading us in an early morning jog around the upperdecks, followed by some light calesthenics designed to exercise the mind as well as the body.
Engineer Stewy found himself a popular fellow when he opened up his Scran Bag and was able to re-unite several towels and assorted articals of clothing with their owners. Luke, the Salty Sea Dog,gave an especially lively description of the origin of the term 2-6 heave.It turns out that Hanna makes an excellent cannon. After a session of everybody's favourite, happy hour, it was time to proceed ashore to Fraser Island for a day of sun, sports and a barbeque. The sports and
barbeque were terrific but the sun made only fleeting appearances. Later in the afternoon, Captain John explained the mysteries of
sailing theory and how it relates to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. Shortly afterwards the theory lesson was put to practical use as we sailed from anchor and headed Westward across Hervey Bay. Right now the wind is very light, the stars and the moon are out in full force and the changing nature of Queensland weather has lived up to all

Thought of the day: Imagination is more important than knowledge.Albert Einstein.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan

Hi, this is Lizz Sayers here onboard the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. Today is our fifth day aboard the ship and it has probably been the best day so far. The youth crew is starting to put their sailing knowledge to the test and gearing up for the day when we will have to sail the ship by ourselves. Sounds daunting at first, but I am sure that we
are all up to it. If there is one thing that YOUNG ENDEAVOUR teaches you it is self-confidence (and teamwork.) We are all starting to get
to know each other better, as the seasickness has finally past and there is a reason to smile again-we're having fun.