27° 26' South
153° 4' East
Hot and muggy - wow! 29 degrees and 82 per cent humidity. Not even a whisper of wind. Lots of Crew sleeping on deck tonight I think.
Hi again everyone,

Well our last Captain\\'s Log and coming to you from our berth alongside the Navy facility at Bulimba in Brisbane. It has been a long day - up at 5:30 am to weigh anchor and proceed from Moreton Island across the Bay to the Brisbane River. We came alongside at 9:00 am to embark 25 people from the Australian Brain Injury Outreach Society for a half-day sail. We departed the wharf and motor sailed along the middle reaches of the Brisbane River with the Youth Crew hosting. Fun games, setting the sails and helming ship where all part of the day. From my perspective the Youth Crew did a magnificent job as hosts - my personal thanks to them. The opportunity to engage with people perhaps not as fortunate as us and to give back to the community is often a highlight of the Voyage for some of the Youth Crew and today proved no exception.

After coming alongside again after lunch the Youth Crew conducted a final session of rope races, with the overall winner being White watch although there was considerable controversy and discussion, particularly from Blue Watch regarding the result. I guess we are all lucky it isn\\'t competitive!
The winners of rope races get to do harbour furls of the topgallant, second place the topsail and third place the course. What this means is that the weatches have to roll-up neatly the large square sails with White watch at the top (smallest sail) down to the third placed Red watch on the course (largest sail). That all took about three hours in a very hot and humid day - tough work indeed but a very good job done well. After the furling we went into end of Voyage discussions, enjoyed a yummy pizza night and watched a \\'slide show\\' of our Voyage recapping many a funny moment. As I type the Youth Crew are completing some administration before a final night \\'at sea\\'. Tomorrow we will proceed down river before returning alongside our wharf here at Bulimba with our yards manned by a salty sea-dog Youth Crew who will be full of yarns and sea-stories to tell. We look forward to meeting with family, friends and loved ones who might be able to join us tomorrow and in any event, many thanks for following us on our Voyage of discovery, development, challenge and fun!

Hoping to cross paths at some stage and I trust the name Young Endeavour will resonate proudly with you all as we all sail our Voyages into the future.

Yours Aye,


Voyage Captain