23° 9' South
150° 57' East
Light S/SE Winds with a few passing showers. Sheltered anchorage with clear skies.
Hi Everyone,

We enjoyed a wonderful passage overnight with the Youth Crew laying aloft and doing single watch wears of the Ship. The night went quickly and just after sunrise we passed the Tropic of Capricorn and technically entered ���the tropics'. Well, the first thing we experienced was rain!

Nanna's collection bag was much smaller today but that didn't stop us doing another group song. After Happy Hour we did some more sail theory and watch routines before lunch followed by some rotational tacks where we got to experience the other watches' positions when sail handling at tacking stations. Putting away the sails, resetting them when we alter course and trimming them for optimum speed is becoming routine for our new seafarers!

After all the hard work learning to sail the Ship and being introduced to the ���rules of the road' (how to give way to other ships and which way to go around channel markers and the like) it was time for a break so later in the afternoon we anchored on the northern side of Great Keppel Island. First job was to go swimming ��� yeah! Water a beautiful 20 degrees C however some of the swimmers did highlight the 15 knot winds made for a bit of a chill factor. We enjoyed our first teak deck barbeque although we had to eat down below because of the intermittent showers. But the weather didn't dampen spirits and after dinner we conducted three way talks, a fun way to get to know each other and do a bit of ���public' speaking.

A quiet night at anchor tonight but before I sign-off, a word or three from Dave, A.K.A Capt. Jack Sparrow.

\Hey Mum, Camille & family(s).

Hope everything's well back home. I'm a little sunburnt and a little sore [not as sore as he should have been after reporting late for his watch - editor (aka Captain Yak)] but otherwise okay. Took me a day or two to get my sea legs and it cost me last night's dinner but its all been worth it. Haven't lost any limbs or anything along those lines so Camille don't worry they wont be sending you back a peg leg. (Love you.)

Looking forward to seeing all you land lubbers again, so until then - Yaaarrr.\"

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye,

Dave Jordan (Yak)
Voyage Captain"