21° 12' South
148° 46' East
Wind SE 15 knots, sea calm swell Nil, a cool and pleasant evening.
Ahoy Shipmates,

Another great day in the Whitsundays! We spent last night at sea and enjoyed another awesome tropical sunrise. This morning after the usual morning activites we conducted \Rotational Tacks\" where each watch gets to tack the ship in each other watches' tacking station to learn what they do. After another brief sail theory lecture we had a round of rope races before we went to anchor in picturesque Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Once there the team went ashore to walk up and see the Aboriginal Cave paintings, before each watch had mid voyage talks.

Unfortunately on the way back to the ship one of the Youth Crew slipped on a rock and sustained a minor laceration to his leg, so we are now heading across to Airlie Beach to have Simon's very fancy repair work (leg work?) checked out at the Hospital at Proserpine. I'm sure all will be well.

Tomorrow we will head out to sea in the forecast freshening winds for our last night out before Command Day. We are off to Hook Reef, where hopefully we will be able to go snorkelling on the reef with the fish.

All are having a great time, and are very much looking forward to Command Day. Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,

Captain Chris"