22° 1' South
150° 30' East
Overcast but DRY, wind - a very light southerly, sea calm.
Hello All,

Everyone is now well rested after a quiet night at anchor at Middle Percy Island, and seasickness is a thing of the past. Much joy indeed for the sufferers - Alison in particular has a smile we didn't know she had!

Yesterday in miserable wet conditions we all went ashore for a run around on the beach and a BBQ at the Middle Percy 'yacht club\. Even though it drizzled throughout, our enthusiasm could not be dampened and a great time was had by all. After sport we had three-way talks (always amusing and informative) and a great BBQ cheffed up as always by Horto and his lovely assistant Brodie.

Back onboard before dark we then had a video \"around Cape Horn\" showing us how they did it in the old days, followed by an anchor watch brief and watches overnight. I also congratulated the team on their achievement on completion of the \"crisis phase\" of the voyage.

This morning we had \"happy hour\" and we sailed at 1000, set some sails for the passage to Great Keppel Island, where we hope to drop anchor after lunch tomorrow. This afternoon we had rope races (Red and Blue watches neck and neck) and a weather lecture by the amazing and erudite Lisa.

We were to have done rotational tacks (share tacking stations to see how the other half live) but the wind has died out on us.

Overnight we will continue passage, consolidating climbing, sail setting and other shipboard skills in prparation for Command Day on Monday.

Until Tomorrow, Shipmates,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"