Ahoy shipmates and welcome to a very productive day 4.

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to a Glorious day 3. It’s Sailmaster Dion here and I’ll be filling you in on today’s activities for Captain Kenny.
Ahoy shipmates and welcome to a soggy day 2.
Ahoy shipmates...welcome to Voyage 9/19, Cairns to Airlie Beach...yeeha! We love sailing around this part of the world...islands everywhere and so many places to explore!
Ahoy shipmates and greetings from a windy Fitzroy Island.
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day Part 2, and yep, you guessed it, feet still up. Fair winds, Cap K (new handle!)----------Captains Log: Day 9 – 01 June 2019 Cassie
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day Part 1. Apologies for the delay...connectivity issues. Suffice to say I have my feet up...the Youth Crew have taken control...hang on!