32° 59' South
152° 11' East
At sea under fore and aft sails. Wind: Light and variable tending NE'LY,Cloud: 1/8, Temp: 16c.
Situation at 20:00-

Last night all hands settled into their night watch routines as YOUNG ENDEAVOUR motor sailed overnight. Each watch
conducted rounds, tricks on the helm and some, even climbed aloft with their respective Watch Leaders.

At today's morning brief the Salty Sea Dog described the nautical origins of the saying 'Loose Cannon'. Obviously there are many variations on this saying. Salty choose the more tradtional meaning related to the wooden warships when a connon or cannons broke free causing considerable damage to personnel and the ship. Happy
hour took on a whole new meaning today as we introduced a celebrity part of ship to clean the 'Deckhead'.

Todays program was focused on sail handling in preparation for Command Day. Firstly we conducted demonstrational tacks where we
discussed the process of tacking with two mwmbers of each watch as we tacked the ship. On completion we rotated positions until all Youth Crew had the opportunity to observe this process. Meanwhile, the
watches on deck were moving through the various tacking stations to gain first hand experience the evolution.

The afternoon started with Paige warming up the watches with a few deck games prior to commencing setting and furling drills. The
aim of these drills is to hone and drive home the importance of conducting the drills correctly and safely whilst under the
diredtion of a Youth Crew member. With the Staff Crew observing and refining their techniques each watch progressed extremely well in preparation for Command day.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is fitted with two brass cannons presented to the ship on commissioning by the The Royal Ordinance Nottingham. These cannons are frequently charged during celebrations and on occasions when encountering other tall ships on the high seas.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Garboard Strake. Plating or planking on either side next to the keel.

Thought of the Day:
Having postive regard will always place you in good stead.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan