Voyage name: 
06 November - 16 November
Currently at anchor in East Cove (Deal Island) and enjoying light SE winds without any swell.

Ahoy Shipmates,
At 0615 this morning all sail was handed in and YE proceeded to anchor in the picturesque East Cove at Deal Island. Once safely at anchor it was the normal routine of morning brief, breakfast and cleaning stations. To finish of the morning the Boats Officer Dave (Yak) provided the YC with an informative and interactive presentation on Rules of the Road (how not to run into other ships). Following lunch all of the YC were ferried ashore to East Cove beach were most took the opportunity to complete the two hour walk to the historic lighthouse while others opted to visit the local homestead and museum or just chose to laze on the beach. This evening we enjoyed the first of our "Teak Deck BBQ's" for this voyage (cooked by Bel and myself) which was followed by a very entertaining session of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). As this is our first night at anchor since departing Devonport all watches have been reduced to anchor watches for the night allowing both YC and staff the opportunity to get a good nights sleep, ensuring that everyone will be well rested for the days ahead.

Tomorrow morning we will depart Deal Island and commence our 120nm passage to Port Phillip Bay. The pleasing news is that the weather forecast is good!!!.

Please find attached Captains Log entries from some of the Youth Crew.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Day five of our sea voyage adventure we are in a beautiful bay at Deal Island. For the first time during our trip we have calm water and beautiful sunshine. It is a blessing� as we have been faced with and met the challenges of the weather Gods thus far. Most of us giving into the sea sickness and admiring the power of the ocean around us. It has been an awesome experience. I am truly grateful for everything that we have succumbed to so far! Hello to all my loved ones! I am� alive and well!
Natalie Noble

It is Day 5 of our Young Endeavour journey and we find ourselves anchored in the beautiful surrounds of Deal Island. Today was the first time on this voyage that the weather has smiled on us and indeed our first opportunity to go ashore. It was a nice experience to sail to such a beautiful island where some of our group tackled a leg crunching walk to the lighthouse� and some of us just stayed on the beach and lazed around in the sun. Although the journey has been rough we are all having a great time. Hello to Mum, Dad, Jodie and Mark and a very happy birthday to Hamish
Lisa Cameron

Ahoy me mateys!! Day five and we are anchored at beautiful Deal Island. Blue skies, calm waters, isolated beaches, sailing with best friends..what more could one ask for. Have been having the time of my life taking the Helm of the ship, climbing aloft and learning how to navigate. Looking forward to command day when the youth crew will take total control of the ship for 24hrs. I encourage everyone to try out for the Young Endeavour, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Quick hello to Jas, the Ryans', Erin, Jess and John
Sailor Steve.

Wow if only you could have traded places with us for the day! After a shocking few days of sea sickness went finally got on shore at Deal Island and it is GORGEOUS!! We had a wonderful hot day of walking and then had a bbq on the boat, if you haven't tried it, do it NOW!!
Jess B

Sailing on the Young Endeavour is like being in a completely different world. Rough seas, calm seas, dolphins, islands, and sandy beaches are some of what we've come across, at all other times it's an endless expanse of nothingness. 5 days in, nestled amongst the Kent Group of island, a barby at sunset and a walk on land was a welcomed exercise by all on board. This voyage has brought the best out of each of us. Each day reveals new concepts, and inturn new individual talents and team skills. From on board the Young Endeavour, we say�Yarr Harr.
Paul K

Ohhhhhh my vomit bag, how well we have gotten to know each other over these last few days! You were my friend, my ally, and at times my enemy. Through the rough seas, and open expanse of water, oh how we grew to tolerate each other! Day 5, 8:30 pm at night. The seas are calm, the weather is mild, and we are sitting in a small bay between Victoria and Tasmania, full on a hearty barbeque tucker. Today was our first day ashore, and we relished the small opportunity of feeling the sand beneath our toes on dry land once more, having spent the entire voyage rocking like a baby in a cradle (a very rough cradle, with the sea, like a madman pushing us from side to side as he takes swigs from a large brandy bottle and letting out huge belly laughs, his prisoner on the open sea). Highlights of the day?? Hmmmm, climbing to the top of the island, to an amazing view, and exploring the lighthouse that has been here since 1849. The days ahead?? Doesn't matter! The sea, the ropes, the horizon, we are gonna have it all!

My love to Mum, mark and Jules (wee wee), lovely Poodles, Pip, Michelle and the Wagga Gang! Ciaooo mates!
Jo Ciolpan

After a rough few days (nearly everyone was seasick.) today has been amazing. We are nestled near a bay on Deal Island, we went ashore and hiked up to the lighthouse to amazing views, the weather has been perfect and everyone is happy. I have made friendships that will last far beyond this voyage, and experienced things that will stay with me for the rest of my life. A few highlights include climbing to the top of the mast, navigating and taking control of the helm. This is one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have ever done. If you've considered trying out for the Young Endeavour do it now, you won't regret it!
Hello to my Mum, Dad and friends back in Healesville!! MISS YOU!!
Ashlee Grimson

Hello beloved friends and family! (mum, dad, pete, gra, kris etc).
Missing you all lots but having heaps of fun. It's been a rough couple of days but we've been assured it should be much smoother sailing from here! We've seen some beautiful parts of the world that most people will never get to see, it's been amazing. Gra- We're getting so good at setting and furling sails, and we can pretty much tack the ship in our sleep (which we sometimes need to do). We've all learnt so much over the last few days and there's still heaps more fun things to experience!
Love you all- Give Jazzy a cuddle for me, I hope her foot is better.
Emily M.

Hello to everyone back in Hobart! We're settling in to an evening in the beautiful, isolated bay at Deal Island. Minus the seasickness a couple of days ago I'm having a great time and I cant believe we're half way through already!! I've learnt heaps and met heaps of great new people, and can't wait to see what the rest of the voyage brings!!
Luv Catherine M.