Voyage name: 
V17/16 Broome (WA) to Exmouth (WA)
03 Oct - 13 Oct 2016
21 20 S
115 00 E

Currently located 18nm to the NW of Onslow experiencing moderate 12-15kt SSW winds with .5m SW swell. Our current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 18 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

                     Welcome to day eight of our voyage. Surprisingly this morning was unseasonably cold which resulted in all of us having to put on some warm clothing for the first time for this voyage when we got up at 0630 for our Early Morning Activity.


Breakfast and Morning Brief followed then the Youth Crew were ferried ashore where they were given the opportunity to explore the relatively small town of Onslow. Being a quiet Monday I am sure that the local shop owners were most appreciative of the extra sales they achieved from the visit from the Young Endeavour Crew.


By 1200 we had everyone back onboard and on completion of lunch we gave the Command Team 30 minutes with the Staff Crew so that they could ask questions that may assist them in their elected positions throughout their Command period.


At 1330 all of the Youth Crew were mustered at midships where I conducted a brief ceremony and handed over the Command Day instructions and the ‘telescope of challenge’ to Youth Crew Captain Madi which officially commenced the 24hr Command Day period.


Over the next 24hrs the Youth Crew have a number of tasks to complete as well as safely sailing and navigating the ship from Onslow down to the Exmouth Gulf. They have already achieved a number of these tasks and we are currently sailing along nicely.


One of the many tasks to be completed is to write the Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s entry written by Captain Madi.


Until tomorrow, take care.


Yours Aye


Captain Gav



Captains Log 10 Oct 2016

Hiho to all!

Welcome to day 8 of our voyage, the start of command day! Everyone has mostly recovered from our dreaded sea sickness, and we did all live as Captain Gav assured us we would. However most of us were almost sure we were going to die or at least wished we could at some point.

We anchored in Beadon Bay, Onslow at 2330 last night, the girls sleeping at the front of the ship woke to what sounded like a freight train steaming through our cabin as the anchor was dropped. We then took up anchor watches until we woke at 0630 this morning to a lovely sunny day and after a short walk around deck to wake us up, an entertaining morning brief which may or may not have included a human cannon, and scrumptious, fulfilling breakfast we headed into Onslow to explore. After enjoying some real coffee in an Onslow Resort and checking out some quaint shops where souvenirs and some awesome hats were purchased we headed back to the ship for some lunch.

After lunch the youth crew in command positions got the opportunity to chat with the staff crew in the same positions to get an idea of what we had gotten ourselves into. We then charged into command day with a short ceremony followed by a few briefs then getting straight into our tasks by getting everyone up the foremast and out on the yards for a photo, safely and swiftly.

We weighed anchor at 1600 this afternoon and motored away from the chilled out Onslow to begin our gallant voyage to Exmouth. The wind gods were looking down on us as we set the sails and switched off the engines at 1610 with the north westerly wind changing into a south westerly to hopefully deliver us to Exmouth by 1200 tomorrow.

Shout out to Sam and Bec who got married yesterday, congratulations from Waverly and the rest of the young Endeavour crew.

Until tomorrow, take care and have fun.


Captain Madi