Voyage name: 
V14/16 Gove (NT) to Darwin (NT)
22 Aug - 01 Sep 2016
11 12 S
132 50 E

Currently located 6nm to the WSW of Grant Island sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail and experiencing 12-16kt ENE winds with a 1m ESE swell. Our current speed is 5.5kts and the temperature is 21 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day six of our voyage. The stronger ESE conditions remained with overnight and early this morning of which saw a couple of the Youth Crew succumb to seasickness due to the rolling of the ship whilst sailing downwind.

Later this morning the Navigator gave a meteorological brief and following lunch, siesta and set of rope races we put the ship under fore and aft sail and conducted a good set of demonstrational tacks.

By late afternoon we were located 15nm to the north east of Cape Cockburn sailing close hauled in moderate to strong conditions.

This evening the watches will complete the Apples & Onions activity and get in some practice for tomorrow Captains Setting and Furling Drills as we continued to make good speed to Port Essington where we expect to anchor at 0900 tomorrow morning.


Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Blue Watch, please enjoy!


Until tomorrow, take care


Yours Aye


Captain Gav


Captains Log 27 August 2016

With day 6 coming close to an end, we have now passed the halfway point, and are actually going backwards now so that we can push back our next anchorage until 9 AM tomorrow, to give everyone better chance at sleep overnight.

The highlight of today was the demonstrational tacking, where everyone had the chance to observe from the bridge the full evolution of putting the bow through the wind. It was impressive to see how much effort it took to achieve such a manoeuvre, and how responsive the ship was.

We also had a variety of lessons on nautical skills this afternoon. Kyle taught us some meteorological principles and demonstrated how to use a sextant to determine our location. James and Evan walked us through the Gyro and Magnetic compasses onboard, and also gave us a run-down on the Navigation Data System (NDS) located in the Challenger Room. In addition to these lessons in navigation, Katherine taught us an few handy knots which are used onboard, such as the reef knot, bowline, full-turn-two-half-hitches, sheet bend, and clove hitch.

Today’s shout out goes to Marcos for setting off the fire alarm twice while cooking up a storm in the galley. The food was great and the chocolate cake was definitely worth two musters at midships! Also, great job from Tug and James for their demonstration of the origins of the ‘split dog watch’, great ‘method acting’ there guys!

PS. Blue Watch has continued to amaze us all with their good looks and rope race score!

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