43° 41' South
146° 12' East

Currently located 10nm to the SE of South West Cape and experiencing moderate - strong easterly winds with a 2m SE swell. Current temperature is 8 degrees

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day five of our voyage. At 0300 this morning Young Endeavour entered Port Davy then proceeded to our planned anchorage position at Bramble Cove coming safely to anchor at 0330.

At 0630 we had our normal wake up call and all of the Returnees were mustered on deck for an early morning activity and to take in the spectacular scenery. For those of you that are not familiar with this part of Tasmania, Port Davy and Bathurst Harbour are World Heritage areas and are so remote that only a few people get to experience there beauty. In 2011 I attempted to sail the ship here during a Hobart to Hobart voyage but due to extremely poor weather conditions had to turn back and settle for the East Coast of Tasmania instead.

Following morning brief the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they climbed to the top of Mount Milner were they got an amazing view of Port Davey and the other Tall Ships at anchor in Bramble Cove. By 1130 everyone was back onboard and following a quick lunch the anchor was weighed and we headed up the Bathurst Channel so that we could view more of this unique area (our own harbour cruise). While heading through this spectacular waterway the Returnees climbed the mast or sat out on the bowsprit so that they could enjoy this scenery from there own special viewing platform.

By 1445 we had completed this cruise so we exited the Bathurst Channel, transited back across Port Davey then recommenced our passage south.

By 1730 we had rounded South West Cape and had shaped a new course to the east and we are now currently making ground around the most southern point of Tasmania.

At present our intentions are to remain at sea overnight and weather conditions permitting head to Port Arthur were we hope to anchor sometime tomorrow morning.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav.