37° 17' South
139° 36' East

Weather: Fine, partly cloudy, Wind 140 / 13 knots, Swell: from the south at 1.0 metres, Temp: 16 deg. C

G’day Shipmates,

Welcome to day 3 of our adventure under sail. The ship remained at anchor in the lee of Robe overnight, everyone appreciating the relatively shelter of the anchorage. During the night the crew performed their anchor watch duties which included hourly checks on the anchor cable and weather conditions to ensure the Ship remained safe during the night.

As the sun rose, Sail Master Paul played a cheerful Wakey Wakey song and used the main broadcast encourage the crew to get out of bed for an early morning activity (EMA) to get the body and mind going. After a few laps of walking the deck and a quick ‘ice-breaker’ game everyone headed below for showers and breakfast prior to the next activity which was the youth crew’s first climb to the topgallant yard. This activity was conducted by watches with most of the Staff Crew aloft to control the youthies as they negotiated the various transfer points on the Foremast and took until 1100 to complete. After lunch we ferried the youthies ashore in the Ship’s rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) so they could prepare for 3-way chats, a public speaking and ice-breaker activity designed to get everyone to learn more about each other, stretch their legs, enjoy some of the sights of Robe and seek the best cure for sea-sickness, ‘to hug a tree!’

The crew returned onboard by 1600 and when we had accounted for everyone and recovered the RHIB we held 3-way chats. I was very pleased with the efforts put in by all the youth crew and we all learned more about each new member of the crew. On completion we had our first upper-deck BBQ of the voyage, which we enjoyed sitting in the evening sun and taking in the sights of the Robe foreshore.

We weighed anchor at 1900 and continued our passage towards Melbourne. It is expected that, weather permitting, we will anchor on Tuesday morning at Port Fairy, Victoria, for another run ashore, before continuing our passage to Port Philip Bay.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike