Voyage name: 
18 June - 28 June
Light breeze from the east (a land breeze, certainly from around midnight). A bit of moon earlier this evening, clear skies and calm seas.

Hello again everyone,

At 10:00 am this morning The Youth Crew took command of the Ship, so without further ado here are a few words from Captain Deano:

"Good First Watch (or evening on the mainland) to all the landlubbers back home. Well after a crazy mission by the Beach Assault Team to the beautiful South Percy Island, we received navigation orders for our 24hrs of scaring the YEYS staff. In order to get this info, Red Watch paddled ashore to claim new land and discover hidden treasures.

Once the staff's nav orders were sorted, our stint started in scarce wind around 1-3kn. A conflicting tide, nearby reef and nav orders saw us sail a starboard tack north toward the nearby islands. We wore ship to the west, carrying full square sails, 'tween mast staysails and forestaysail. It's such a beautiful sight to see a tall ship gliding along tropical islands. We are a painted ship on a painted ocean.

Since then, the team have had a entertaining Trivia night and tasty Italian themed dinner (my fav, on ya Davo). As we write this we have cleared the surrounding island chain and are making our way to the first designated waypoint

Andrew and the Crew would like to say a big 'Hi' to all the families back home. Bell sends a shout out too.

It's great out at sea, many of the crew have commented that we should sail on to Port Douglas and just keep trucking out here.

Our team:
Captain - Deano
Sail Master - Jack
Watch Officer - Kiri
Navigator - Pilko
Watch Leaders - Saul, Alice and Robert
Chefs (best friends, masters of Italian) - Dave, Amanda and Jeenah

Approaching a waypoint, gotta go. Hi all in Coffs, Deano."

Captain Deano
Youth Crew