21° 59' South
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Course 210, Speed 6kts, Wind SE 15-20kts, Temp 19, Partly cloudy
Got underway this morning at 1030 after morning brief and 'happy hour'. We sailed from the anchorage in a seamanlike manner and set the squares to go for an enjoyable sail on a bright sunny day. We reached out to the NE and after lunch we conducted demonstration tacks. This gave each of the YC the opportunity to view the whole
process from the bridge. A rule of the road lecture and rope races filled the remainder of the afternoon.

Only had one sickie today, the 'Walrus', and to his credit he had the occasional chuck and was then back on the job in no time. Everybody is in high spirits and the extended periods of sunshine
made today very enjoyable. The squares are now clewed up as we are working our way south towards Great Keppel Is, tomorrow evening's destination. Each of the watches will be conducting a teamwork
exercise overnight that I'm sure will be challenging for them. Seeing how well these guys are going, I'm not expecting any problems.

YC entry by Anika Hardie (age 20 from Mona Vale, NSW) - For the past three days I've been waiting for the search and rescue helicopter to winch me out of the depths of sea sickness. However, by
the 3rd day it was apparent that I had obtained sea legs and I managed to rid myself of the staple diet consisting solely of sao's. We've now set sail for Great Keppel Is and things just couldn't get better. Coming from a short persons point of view, climbing the ratlines and then out onto the yards is the most scariest, exhilarating and heart pounding thing I have possibly done. Trying to heave your body up onto the sail with nothing to push off and nothing really steady to hang on to. The staff here are fantastic, their
energy and enthusiasm flow over onto us and instantly you forgive them for getting you up at 4am to tack the ship. Today we had the pleasure of an intermission during our lecture with the three cross dressing watchleaders dressing up as Elvis and 2 chorus girls and singing 'Viva Las Vegas'. I can honestly say that the staff even make happy hour more bearable and that is saying something. The YC as a whole are really strarting to pull together and we are now all accustomed to all the tacking procedures, ropes, sails and watch
positions. It's a great feeling to be working as a team and putting your whole body into pulling in the jib with the '2-6 heave' shout.

We heard the call of the Walrus today, and our compliments go out to our favorite chef, Woody. It's great to be at sea and I'm loving every moment of it. The weather has been great so far and the only thing I'm afraid of now is returning to land. Once we are all back, I'm sure we will miss the call over the loud speaker of 'hands to
tacking stations, hands to tacking stations, standby to tack ship'

That's it for this evening readers. Unfortunately tomorrow afternoon we'll miss the TV broadcast of the rugby and we 'll have to suffice with the HF radio. In any case - go the Wallabies.

Andrew (with Nik)

PS - What do you call a Kiwi at the Rugby World Cup final? - Ref