34° 39' South
151° 3' East
Wind NE at 15 knots, sea state 1 meter on a low north easterly swell. Air temperature 24 degrees. Barometer 1020 having fallen slightly overnight and now steady.
Hi again everyone,

We tacked and tacked until the early hours of the morning but the northerlies were making it tough. Just after midnight we shortened sail and pointed straight up the coast. Initially our progress was very slow but as the wind eased (as predicted I might add ...) and we have begun to make better ground to the north. As at 6:00 am we were abeam Kiama making about 4 knots to the north.

The team have kicked up another storm in the galley - outstanding but not good for my diet. I hear a rumour they have baked a birthday cake for Kate our Captain - a birthday as Captain on a tall ship! Young bodies need feeding ... the guys on deck did a lot of hard sailing last night so must have a huge appetite.

The Staff Crew have been playing a game with me all Voyage. We were down to our last banana after a few days and I had eyes on it but it disappeared and ended up in the most strangest of places just to tempt and frustrate me. I think I have enough evidence to blame Brad our Watch Officer. Keel haul or walk the plank?

The Youth Crew have been delayed in getting a note to you but I am assured it isn\\'t far away. Proceeding to anchor at Sydney tonight to make preparations for a number of events. Will update you when we get there.

Dave Jordan (Yak)
Voyage Captain