27° 9' South
153° 21' East
Wind: A light southerly 10-15 knots, clear, sea calm
Hey People;
Well Command Day has come and gone, we are safely anchored in Moreton Bay having just successfully completed a spider web challenge despite some very biased, over zealous whistle blowing from Hector and Speedy.
Doesn't sound too bad eh? Well none of us are planning on giving up our day jobs anytime soon...
The winds continued to mess with our minds throughout the night and made it very hard for us to achieve our navigational goals. Everyone had a rough nights sleep as we required several tacks during the night, and the ones that we meant to do were absolutely top notch!
We navigated down the north west channel into Moreton Bay without incident and anchored close to the Tangalooma wrecks well early of our 1300 cut off. Due to our very successful completion of a series of bonus tasks our points total was also looking rather healthy.
Our Command Day debrief followed our claiming of Moreton Bay by our sea to land tactical beach assault team made up of Shane, Matt, Jemma, Jess, Dayne and Nikki. Plenty of positives and negatives were brought up as well as many things to take away with us for the future. We had our moments but overall we had an awesome experience. Most importantly the spirit and work ethic of the youth crew was amazing throughout the 24 hours and kept those of us in the bridge going as we knew they would support whatever decision we made. Great work guys.Thankyou so much.
To switch from youth crew to captain for a day was an amazing opportunity for me personally and I have many things that I have identified to work on in the future. Just to accentuate my move back to youth crew I have drawn anchor duty for 6am tomorrow morning and I can't wait!
Hope you have enjoyed reading this somewhere near as much as I have enjoyed participating in the events described, and a hello to Julie Howard who I am told reads all these journals religiously before printing them out!