20° 3' South
48° 53' East
Wind SE 25 Knots, showers
Ahoy Shipmates,

We fianlly \broke\" a few Youth Crew overnight! The wind was stronger and the sea rougher than it has been so far this voyage, so as we sailed through the night about 2/3 of the YC were seasick. For a group who has not suffered seasickness at all until now it was a bit of a shock...

The sailing was awesome, with 25-30 knot winds driving the ship at speeds of almost eleven knots. Add to this the need to tack every few hours, and it was a tired but happy Youth Crew who brought the ship to anchor this afternoon. Throughout the last 24 hours the team have been refining their sailing and navigation skills in preparation for Command Day, which begins formally tomorrow at midday. This evening the YC voted for their two Command Teams whose primary task will be to sail the ship the 140nm to Magnetic island off Townsville without staff assistance. The Captains for Command Day were Scott M and Dimiti - they will let you know how their mission was achieved in this Captain's Log tomoorow and Wednesday nights.

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye

Captain Chris "