24° 9' South
151° 53' East
Wind - Light South Easterly, swell, SE 1.5m, a clear and warm day.
Dear All,

What a great day! The weather has been fantastic, and we have just had a top shore visit to the town of 1770, about 1 1/2 hours drive north on Bundaberg. Tonight we will sail for Lady Musgrave Island, which is a reef and sand cay about 40nm offshore in the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Let's hear from Youth Crew Matthew and Melody:

We visited the township to regather our land legs, a few supplies such as much needed sugar, coke and ice-cream. There was also a need for some 'real' coffee for all of us that are not accustommed to the joys of blend 43.

Day 6 has been full of new experiences as well as the revision of new skills. We returned to the Y.E. aboard a aqua-duck, again showing us the journey is full of surprises. After a morning of tacking, furling and laundry it was great to catch a few rays.

After days of heavy winds rain and fog, the weather gods have smiled upon us [much like the ever talented and cheerful staff smile upon us daily]

this has been your youth crew speaking - Matthew [of the hardest working -blue watch] and Deadles [of white watch].

Thanks Guys,

Until Tomorrow,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer