It's been over 9 months since I last stepped off the gangway and gave and received teary goodbyes and promises to meet up soon, but even now i get flashbacks of hanging off the yard with&

Acadia Babister

As I walk down the dock in a little known town in northern Queensland called Gladstone I get my first glimpse of the big blue brigantine that will become my home for the next 11 days.

Sam Redward

Do you ever get the urge to get out of your comfort zone, step out of the normal, and expose yourself to a completely new and challenging situation?

Katya Bandow

If I looked down I would see the ship's deck far below me, if I looked behind me I would see the vast South Pacific stretching away to the horizon, if I peered to my left or my right I woul

Joseph Brooks

My voyage was number 3 of 2014. We sailed from Sydney to Newcastle! 

Rachel Baier

“Sunscreen or fry, rehydrate or die” was something I heard often on my Young Endeavour Adventure.

Elisa Graves
Phillip Gao

“This is not a cruise” we were repeatedly reminded.

Lauren Kappler