I had the privilege of bringing our ship home to Australia from the World Voyage, and what an honour that was.

Jamie Dunn

I first heard of the YEYS when I was in year nine. Fast forward four years and I’d just received my acceptance email for V19/16 from Fremantle to Esperance!

millicent nicholls

Had my sister not sailed before me,  I might have thought that it wasn't for me,

Megan Crowfoot

The STS Young Endeavour is not just a ship to me. To me she is a new opportunity, another home, and an adventure for so many young Australians, such as myself. 

Nicola South

I have had the privilege of sailing on the Young Endeavour twice: the first time was way back in 2004 and the second was in 2015 as part of the second World Voyage.

Nikki Fitzherbert

Have you ever felt alive and free?

Naomi Stringer

My voyage sailed from Fremantle to Esperance, and was probably the best thing I've ever done. Living and working in such close proximity alongside people I had never met before and ma

Annabelle Traves

After just finishing my little story titled "life long friends", I've realised how soon the end of the year is coming and therefore how soon the Sydney to Hobart voyage is! 

Rachel Baier

Attached is a photo of youth crew from Voyage 03/14, after we shaved or dyed our hair for the Worlds Greatest Shave.

Rachel Baier