I recently undertook the Sydney to Sydney voyage of 09/18 aboard STS Young Endeavour, and what a voyage it turned out to be! Without a set time and a set day to dock in another port we were at the mercy of the wind. "We go wherever the wind will take us" our fearless Captain Mike informed us within the first few hours on board. 

NOW I must tell you! You may think you are boarding the Young Endeavour knowing no one on board but I promise you that within a few short minutes while leaving the port, you will know everyone. Friendship and Teamwork are the strongest bonds aboard this glorious vessel and you will rely on each other when the goings get tough. 

The most incredible experience aboard the Young Endeavour is climbing aloft, The view and the fresh sea breeze will make you stop and think "Wow! I am really doing this!". I strongly encourage everyone to find their inner monkey and climb as often a humanly possible beacuse if not you will come home to your everyday lives and miss the thrill of looking over the yard down to the deck and sea below. 

The watches although long and late bring some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets. This is where you really bond with your watch and watch leader and really form a family type bond. The bonds formed with My Youthie crew is one I will never forget, we became a family lead by Captain Curtis and Sail Master Paige. So from my Young Endeavour Voyage 9/18 to hopefully your future voyage with the Young Endeavour, Good luck and Carpe Diem (Seize the Day). 


CDTPO Jordan Howard, Australian Naval Cadets & Red Watch Crew Member 

Jordan Howard