Its a Friday night in cold Bendigo where whilst cleaning up I found my letter from myself to myself completed in the last days aboard the Young Endevour. I was aboard for V01/17 so coming up to a year and half ago. It seems like a life time ago, but yet still can remember like it was yesterday.  Since then I am now completing my dream course at university in rural Victoria thanks to the encouragement from the family that was created whilst aboard the Young Endevour. Now whenever I return to the coast and smell the salt, it brings back so many memories. I have been fortuante to see the beauty of the Young Endevour when the boat and crew docked in Melbourne and was fortunate to share that with my family, seeing as my voyage was from Adelaide (SA) to Stanley (TAS). 

Sitting here now writing this after flicking through photos of our adventures, I find it funny how you remember some random things that would make no sense to anyone unless they were aboard our voyage. To have the opportunity to be back aboard the Young Endevour for a second voyage with the same crew would be a dream come true, in reality just to be back on board and to climb up the foremast would be incrediable. Alas futher adventures to have, whether sea bound or not. 

Stacey Cockram