I can guarantee you; you are going to fall in love... whether it be life at sea, the ship or you develop 'sea-goggles' over your time on board. You will leave that ship with a piece of your heart left on board.

The first wave will hit; seasickness. Your bones will ache and all you will want to do is curl into a ball because it honestly feels like death is the only acceptable option but it never comes and you must persist to overcome.

Then comes the second wave. Your vision doesn't seem so foggy as your hands run over unfamilar ropes searching for the right one. Your stomach still churns and you still don't quite understand what is being said but you know deep down that you'll be alright. 

Because you will be alright.

Your vision will clear and the incoherent yelling over the wind will become a second language. Your hands will grasp the ropes and every heave will be stronger than the last. Every step up the ladder's rungs will be tackled with more confidence, until you're sitting on the very top of the mast feeling invincible. The feeling of pure happiness will leave you with a smile from ear to ear. The faces of strangers will very quickly become friends, and then family. Just as the ship becomes home.

Eventually the hardest part of the voyage becomes having to leave on the last day.

I will never forget my voyage on the Young Endeavour and all that the ship and its crew taught me. They brought out so many qualities I never thought I had, and inspired me in so many ways. 

The friendships I made on board are truly memorable. They become the types of friendships you plan to travel across the state, or between states, just to see them again.

One thing I hope to always remember was sailing into Sydney Harbour on our final day. We sung at the top of our lungs, calling out and waving to everyone. Sitting on the topgallent yard, I felt pure happiness, something I had only truly felt a few times before.

My voyage on the STS Young Endeavour was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. 

I can guarantee you won't ever regret it. 

Alexis Tavener