I sailed on the Young Endeavour from Geelong to Hobart during January of 2017 and I wish to share a Salty-approved tale for Ye' landlovers hanking of sailing on the ship.


Firstly a Salty-approved tale is a tale told by the resident notical expert of the Young Endeavour crew. Secondly my voyage was unique and I'm sure everyone who was on the trip learn a hell of a lot about their own limits and skills during their time aboard. Now I know most people would be terrified at being placed in charge of a ship, I knew I was scared being on the water. Yet the training and comradery that is instilled into you on the voyage makes this fear lessen with every passing day. And before you know you will be on your command day and whipping leather doing tasks that are just a hoot to complete. And then it's over and you look back at your command day as I did and think "Hells bells I can do anything" and believe me it makes the nerves of the first few days seem like a bad memory and nothing else.


This is the change that Young Endeavour has on people and I highly recommend that even if your remotely considering signing up to do it. Trust me as a former youth crew myself that it is totally worth it.


Nathan signing off. 

Nathan Morgan