I had heard copious amounts of good things about the Scheme from multiple sources, so this is what motivated me to attend. I had been involved in many opportunities at this point in my life and thanks to other great schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award had come a very long way already. I ultimately decided to fill out my application and send it in, I was notified about a week later I had been offered a berth.

The most enjoyable part of the Scheme has two sides for me. On one side it was the amazing, unforgettable experiences and memory’s made with people I care about enhanced by simultaneously exploring new areas and activities at the same time. While on a more personal level it was the realisation of my areas of weakness and how I could improve them. A big part of the Scheme, in my opinion, was not only finding your strengths but also where you could improve. 

I think the number of challenges and issues I counted resembled a snowball effect. I certainly faced a few challenges along the way. One such challenge was maintaining motivation to continue striving to be my best despite a lack of sleep due to seasickness, night shifts and stormy nights! This made all the other challenges that came with the award harder and harder to deal with. Ultimately, I found as I learnt to find solace in others I had built relationships with throughout the short journey I was able to continue moving through to complete the award with what I would call extreme success. 

I often talk about how the Duke of Edinburgh Award had a huge impact on my life and that is primarily because I did it so early on in my life. The award changed my life to such significant level that I went from a shy kid who was reluctant to get involved in anything to someone who was not only successful in school being things such as chairperson of the SRC, school captain (student leader), in the precision drill team, receiving top of class awards and since joined various government panels, built multiple businesses, worked with some amazing high-level mentors, received further education, built a successful blog and even written an eBook. The Young Endeavour is basically that on steroids as it is so condensed. Hence I definitely recommend the Scheme as I believe for many besides just being a fun time for all taking up that one opportunity to get involved which may just lead to a lifetime more.

Having had completed the Scheme after only 11 short days I was left both sorrow and eager to move forward. While it was upsetting to end such an amazing experience and all my new friends I knew I would take a lot home with me such as my newly found knowledge and a keen sense for more. 

Nicholas Muscat