1. If you set your mind to it, you can fit everything you need (including your sleeping bag) in your YE backpack AND keep it around the 7kg hand luggage limit.

2. You need less that you’ve packed. I promise. On a southern voyage, no one knows what you’re wearing under the wet weather gear so you can be an outfit repeater and no one will know. On a northern trip, you can still be an outfit repeater because no one will care. You’re all in the same boat (literally).  

3. Think about whether you’re a ‘pack one undie per day’ or a ‘I will wash my undies’ kind of person. Pack accordingly.

4. You will have packed sunscreen but pack something to treat sunburn and/or windburn. Once your face starts peeling it all looks the same (not pleasant).

5. You don’t need a fancy water bottle. As long as it has your name on it, you could bring a Mt Franklin plastic bottle and keep refilling it.

6. If you’re worried that you don’t have an outdoors camera, be assured that someone on your voyage will. Afterwards, you can all share your photos.

7. An entire voyage without access to your phone is blissful. Enjoy it.

8. Climbing the mast gets easier. You may struggle on your first climb but you’ll get there eventually, whether that’s alone or with assistance.

9. When they say a bucket and soap, they really mean it. Dissolve the soap flakes with a cup of hot water first, before filling the bucket with cold water to wash your clothes.

10. Don’t flush a chux down the toilet. V20/16, you know who you are.

Ameera Ismail