Young Endeavour's History

Young Endeavour was a gift from the United Kingdom to the Government and people of Australia to mark the Bicentenary in 1988
Construction began on the ship in May 1986 in LowestoftEngland and on 3 August 1987 she began the long voyage to Australia with a crew which included 24 young people from Britain and Australia. The official handover ceremony took place on 25 January 1988 in the presence of their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales in Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour.

In his acceptance speech, the ship was pledged by the then Prime Minister, Mr Bob Hawke, to serve Australian youth. For a land girt by sea, the ship was a reminder of the maritime heritage shared by the two countries. Her arrival heralded the start of a new era of sail training in Australia.

The Government decided that the Royal Australian Navy would operate and maintain the ship, and that the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme would be set up to manage the associated sail training program.

The Scheme was established in early 1988 with a Board appointed by and responsible to the Minister for Defence. The Scheme's management and administration is undertaken by civilian staff, and is based in the ship's homeport of Sydney.

As Australia's sail training flagship, Young Endeavour participates in major events in Australia and around the world.


Young Endeavour's Sail Plan

     1 Jib 
     2 Forestaysail 
     3 Course 
     4 Topsail 
     5 Topgallant 
     6 Main Staysail 
     7 Topgallant Staysail 
     8 Fisherman Staysail 
     9 Main Sail 
     10 Main Gaff Topsail


2019 Youth Development Voyages


The ballot is now open for applications, eligible young Australians aged 16-23 can apply for Youth Development voyages sailing through to December 2019. Voyage berths are allocated by ballot, and through our Scholarship Program.